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Where Chefs Eat: Cody Sharp of The Standard Pour

His favorite Dallas spots, plus one worth driving to Denton for.

Cody Sharp

The Standard Pour chef Cody Sharp. [Photos: Kevin Marple]

The term "bar food" once conjured up visions of sad nachos, frozen potato skins, and if you were lucky, maybe some halfway decent chicken wings — but places like The Standard Pour are giving the phrase a whole new meaning. Chef Cody Sharp, who previously worked as a sous chef under Omar Flores at Casa Rubia, has seriously elevated the menu at the Uptown drinking den, showing off his creative Southern-influenced style by spiking deviled eggs with the spicy sausage spread known as 'nduja and throwing broccoli in the deep-fryer before tossing it with peanut vinaigrette. (Surprise sleeper hit of the menu: Sharp's pillowy house-baked Hawaiian rolls served with molasses butter.)

When Sharp's not manning the kitchen at The Standard Pour, here's where you'll find him eating and drinking around Dallas:

Favorite breakfast or brunch place?

I don't really do breakfast often, but when I have the opportunity to go to brunch I really love Boulevardier. The eggs meurette dish is one of my favorite in Dallas. The omelette and quiche are killer as well. I love French egg preparations and those guys really have it locked down. I was also really blown away by CBD Provision's breakfast recently. The croissants are perfect.

Where do you go for a quick lunch?

I'm a big fan of Mot Hai Ba for lunch, especially now that I can have it delivered to Standard Pour. The pork banh mi and the pho are great. I love the massive pile of fresh herbs you get with just about everything and the housemade hot sauce is insane. Now if I can only convince them to start serving the sizzling shrimp cake at lunch, my life would be complete.

Where/what do you eat after you get off work late?

I'm always at Standard Pour pretty late, so usually its something easy at home. My fiancé makes awesome vegetarian chili that is easy to heat up. Honestly anything chef Mic (the microwave) can make. I will also eat just about anything that one of my cooks, Lucia, will give me. She is from Oaxaca and makes the best authentic Mexican food I've ever had. She is constantly making fresh tortillas, quesadillas, chilaquiles, and salsa when we shut the kitchen down.

Where do you like to drink, and what do you usually order?

Bourbon. Also, Scott Melton at The Standard Pour will tell you I keep Fernet Branca in business — I'm fairly positive they only keep it in the building for me. My favorite bar hands down is Black Swan Saloon and whatever Gabe Sanchez is pouring. At home, it's wine.

Best fancy date night destination?

Date night has become more and more scarce but my fiancé and I love Lucia. We like to sneak in and sit at the bar, have some awesome wine, charcuterie, and every pasta on the menu. We also go to FT33 quite a bit. I love what Matt McCallister is doing with vegetables and Jeff Gregory's wine pairings are always perfect.

What's your favorite pizza place?

Cane Rosso. I love the charred crust and the fried artichokes are like popcorn for me.

Do you have a favorite burger in town?

I feel like I'm going to make someone mad here... I still have to go with Maple & Motor. Its been my go-to for a long time. But, Off-Site Kitchen has a stellar burger as well. 

What about other international cuisines?

Ten Ramen. I literally dream about their tonkotsu ramen, it's so perfect and deeply satisfying.

How about hidden gems or hole-in-the-walls you swear by?

Anytime I have the chance, I drive up to Denton and eat at Hannah's Off The Square. It's a drive, but 100 percent worth it. They have an awesome wine list, and [chef] Sheena [Croft]'s food is stellar. She spends a lot of time sourcing her products from as close to the area as possible, and it shows. Her curry mussels and green tomato mozzarella salad are always amazing.

Any other favorite restaurants elsewhere in the U.S.?

So many. I've been fortunate enough to travel quite a bit over the last few years. Redd in Yountville, CA was killer and Oenotri in downtown Napa has some of the best charcuterie I've had. Del Posto in NYC is in my top 3 meals of all time. Cane & Table, Commanders Palace, and Mother's in New Orleans. I recently went to Charleston and had a great meals at Minero and McCrady's, where chef Dano Heinze is crushing it. Both of Mike Lata's restaurants — Fig and The Ordinary — were incredible.

The Standard Pour

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