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King of Japanese Food Teiichi Sakurai Has a New Concept in the Works


Ten and Tei-An.
Ten and Tei-An.
Lori Bandi / Tei-An

Here's a promising, if rather cryptic bit of news to close out the week: Sounds like Teiichi Sakurai, chef and owner of One Arts Plaza gem Tei-An and the just-opened ramen spot Ten, is working on another restaurant concept. The announcement comes via Tei-An's Facebook page:

Note from Teiichi: "Something coming in 2016. Not Ramen."We don't know either!

Posted by Tei-An on Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sakurai also founded Henderson Avenue's Tei Tei and Lower Greenville's Teppo — which specialize in robata-style grilled foods and yakitori, respectively — though he has since sold both restaurants. The chef already has a monopoly on soba noodles and ramen; perhaps it'll be an izakaya-style drinking den with grilled and fried snacks (a la the now-defunct Sharaku Sake Lounge)? A casual sushi bar? A sushi delivery app? (Kidding, sort of.) Sky's the limit; stay tuned as we wait for Teiich to spill the beans.