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CultureMap Will Increase Video Content by 90 Percent Following Acquisition (Updated)

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They say there won't be any staff shakeups.

Big changes are in store for CultureMap. Per the Dallas Business Journal, the Houston-based site — which also has outlets in Austin and Dallas — has been acquired by Dallas-based Viewmarket, "a 2-year-old company focusing on creating video content," for $15 million.

What does this mean for the three CultureMap websites, which cover arts, entertainment, society, and most importantly, restaurants? The DBJ report revealsthat ViewMarket is planning "to boost [CultureMap's] video-related content up to about 90 percent." Co-founder Alexander Muse states, "We’re not going to do any hard news," instead focusing on "the hot new restaurants, retailers and cool places to stay." UPDATE: Muse reached out to Eater to clarify that CultureMap will be increasing their video content by 90 percent, rather than making it 90 percent of their content. "Our readers will be able to enjoy the same amount of written material as always!" he says via email.

ViewMarket also intends to expand CultureMap nationwide, "starting with San Antonio, then Fort Worth and likely Collin County." However, "there are no plans to relocate any employees from city to city ... and the company has no personnel changes planned." (Current CultureMap staffers include former Eater Houston editor Eric Sandler in Houston and of course, long-time restaurant beat reporter Teresa "Gumshoe" Gubbins here in Dallas.)

News of the impending sale was initially reported by Houstonia back in January, though Viewmarket's co-founder insisted no deal had been made at the time.