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Richardson is Hopping on the Food Truck Park Bandwagon

Food truck parks for everyone!

All food truck parks should aspire to be like Truck Yard.
All food truck parks should aspire to be like Truck Yard.
Margo Sivin/EDFW

Food trucks are continuing their suburban invasion. Teresa Gubbins reports that "a concept called the Richardson Food Truck Park just received approval from the city's planning commission, with a targeted soft opening in late June."

That'll put it well ahead of a similar concept planned for downtown Plano — the questionably-named Hub Streat, which won't debut till late summer at the earliest.

The concept for the Richardson park sounds unique in that it will be stationed at an old house near Arapaho Road and 75. Founder Michelle Chesney tells Gubbins she plans to host five food trucks at a time, with two yard areas — one with playground equipment for kids and the other with dining tables and possibly live music.

Existing food truck parks in DFW include the Fort Worth Food ParkClearfork Food Park (also in Fort Worth), Denton's Austin St. Truck Stop, and of course, Lowest Greenville favorite Truck Yard.