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Guy Fieri Now Serving Donkey-Sauced Burgers at Gexa Energy Pavilion

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A $14 burger to pair with your $12 beer.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Kulinary kool dude Guy Fieri is now leaving his spiky-haired mark on amphitheater concession stands across the country. Fieri's bringing his particular brand of bro cuisine to 12 Live Nation music venues — including Dallas's very own Gexa Energy Pavilion at Fair Park — via a burger kiosk called Guy's Burger Joint.

Per GuideLive, the Gexa outpost opened earlier this month and serves an assortment of absurd burger creations priced in the $13 to 14 range with toppings such as "S.M.C." (that's a cringe-worthy acronym for "super melty cheese"), Sriracha barbecue sauce, a crispy bacon patty, and of course, Fieri's [in]famous Donkey Sauce (which he describes as "jacked up secret mayo sauce," FYI). There's also Johnny Garlic Fries "topped with minced garlic, chopped parsley and parmesan," which might be a good way to ensure terrible breath that'll keep other concert-goers out of your personal space.

Guy's Burger Joint is also onboard several Carnival cruise ships, in case you wish to sail the seven seas with a plentiful supply of Donkey Sauce.