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House-Brewed Beer Now Flowing at Braindead Brewing

Three different varieties you can taste right now.

Get your house-brewed beer here.
Get your house-brewed beer here.
Braindead Brewing/Facebook

Deep Ellum's Braindead Brewing has slung plenty of beer since opening back in March, but nary a drop of it has been house-brewed — until now. Per an announcement posted to Braindead's Facebook today, the brewpub is now serving three of its very own brews.

Below, descriptions and tasting notes for each courtesy of Braindead:

75 Shilling: A 4.5 percent ABV Scottish ale featuring "full malty flavors of dark caramel & toast with cereal graininess and a touch of smoke. Hops are in a barley supporting role and the yeast offers a faint dried cherry and pit."

Gritz: A 4.4 percent ABV pre Prohibition-style cream ale, described as an "easy drinking session beer for the masses and the thirsty beer geek. Corn, rather than corn syrup adds a light grainy complexity to the barley and wheat." (Corn, grits — get it?)

Foreign Extra Stout: This 6.6 percent stout is a "silky smooth and rich cocoa laced espresso with toffee and a hint of woody sweetness," brewed with raw cane sugar and licorice.

Brewmaster Drew Huerter tells CultureMap "Gritz and the Export Stout will be part of their regular rotation, along with a dry-hopped wheat and a BrainDead red" that are yet to come.

Local beer enthusiasts should also keep an eye on the happenings at White Rock-area brewpub On Rotation; the Cane Rosso neighbor is preparing to debut a new round of house brews this Saturday in the taproom, with details to come later this week.


, Dallas, TX

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