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Zoli's Commemorates Kessler Theater Villains With 'Normal White Girl' Pizza

Put your fringed boots on and get over there.


In this era of smartphones and YouTube, it's considerably harder to get away with bad behavior — before you know it, your regrettable actions can be plastered all over social media. It's a lesson that two disgruntled patrons of Oak Cliff's Kessler Theater are learning all too well: During last week's LeeAnn Womack show, two women were asked to leave after fellow patrons complained about their constant chattering. They refused to quietly into the night, however; instead, they went on a cringe-inducing ten-minute bigoted rant that the Kessler's artistic director captured on video.

Said video has been shared over 2,600 times on Facebook, and now the infamous rant has even inspired a pizza. Today the notorious jokesters at Zoli's debuted the "Normal White Girl" pizza, bedecked with all the things that your average well-to-do white woman presumably might enjoy:

Give us your tired, your poor,Your dreadlocked, your lez-beans,But please, no fringe boots in the hood.The "Normal...

Posted by Zoli's NY Pizza Tavern on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The pizzeria also blasted the woman's choice of footwear on their marquee, with a sign reading: "Please no fringe boots in the hood." Well played as per usual, Zoli's.

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