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Where Chefs Eat: Graham Dodds of Hibiscus

Don't even think about putting cheese on his burger.

Alison McLean

The concept of "farm-to-table" is now a ubiquitous buzzword that's used — and sometimes abused — by just about every ambitious restaurant in town, but when Oak Cliff neighborhood staple Bolsa opened back in 2008, it was a novel and unfamiliar concept for Dallas. (What do you mean we can't order asparagus in October?) Much credit for that must go to opening chef Graham Dodds, whose affection for local produce, carefully sourced meats, and menus that evolve with the seasons now rules as the status quo. Dodds brought his ingredient-driven cooking with him when he boarded the ship at Hibiscus in 2013, helping to elevate the ten-year-old Knox-Henderson stalwart once known for steaks and mac and cheese into something else entirely.

When Dodds isn't presiding over the kitchen at Hibiscus, here's where you'll find him:

Favorite breakfast or brunch place? My apartment! I make a really killer breakfast. Usually eggs from Eric at Greens and Goodies, he brings me Silkie eggs which are really tiny eggs with great big yolks. Sometimes crepes with syrup, and vegetables run through the juicer.

Where do you go for a quick lunch? Ali Baba! Unfortunately the one in Lakewood closed, so we drive to Richardson for the buffet. It's always spot on.
Where/what do you eat after you get off work late? Victor Tangos, love the tacos. Or Gemma — love the rabbit pappardelle and the fried olives.

Where do you like to drink, and what's your usual order? Nova in Oak Cliff. Love the owner, J.D. Usually some beer on draft, either Guinness or something local.

Best date night destination? Lucia or Nonna. Either place is always a wonderful time. Gotta love Lambrusco and Italian food!

What's your favorite pizza place? Zoli's. They deliver pizza to me at Hibiscus!

Do you have a favorite burger in town? Maple and Motor, of course. No cheese — fuck that cheese on a burger thing.

What about international cuisines? For Japanese, I love Zen Sushi in Bishop Arts, Yutaka Sushi Bistro, Teppo, and Tei-An. For Thai, Bangkok City at Peak and Haskell — the staff is lovely. For Indian, I go to Mughlai in Far North Dallas and Pasand in Irving. My parents are British, so I grew up eating Indian.

How about hidden gems or hole-in-the-walls you swear by? El Jordan Cafe in Oak Cliff.

Other favorite restaurants elsewhere in the U.S.? Roberta's in Brooklyn and The Purple Pig in Chicago.


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