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Vegas Export Monta Ramen Hits Richardson in July

More tonkotsu headed this way.

An existing Monta Ramen in Vegas.
An existing Monta Ramen in Vegas.
Monta Ramen/Facebook

The ramen invasion continues: Las Vegas export Monta Ramen will finally open in Richardson this July, says a Craigslist help wanted ad. The noodle house was originally slated to open last summer but ran into delays.

Eater Vegas has dubbed Monta "perhaps the top ramen joint in Las Vegas"; it offers a small menu with tonkotsu, shoyu, and miso styles, as well as handmade gyoza, kimchi fried rice, and chashu bowls. It will be located at 800 N. Coit Road, slightly south of Arapaho.

Monta's parent company, Mon Group Restaurants, is also responsible for the recent resurrection of Irving's super-authentic izakaya Mr. Max. On the horizon for ramen obsessives closer to the city center is Wabi House, slated to debut on Lowest Greenville in June.