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'Female-Friendly' STK to Lavish Yet Another Steakhouse on Uptown

Hey ladies: STK wants your dining dollars.

STK in Vegas.
STK in Vegas.

Oh thank goodness, another steakhouse will soon land in already red meat-heavy Uptown: According to Guidelive, glitzy NYC-born chain STK is slated to open in the "first half of 2016" at 1899 McKinney Avenue, aka the former bottle-service nightlife spot Glass.

As the website for STK's Vegas location at the Cosmopolitan Hotel explains, STK offers "a flirty, feminine take on the classic American steakhouse" (really) with "a sexy vibe"; the CEO tells GuideLive STK wants to "'change the paradigm of the steakhouse' from a boys club to a place for womens night out or date night." And hey, if you're a VIP in Vegas they might even provide you with a $12,000 bedazzled steak knife to cut your girly-sized filet with.

STK currently has close to a dozen locations including Vegas, Atlanta, Miami, and NYC. For further insight into how exactly the chain panders to those with two X chromosomes, behold this commercial from 2011: