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Fuel City Will Soon Unleash Its Tacos Upon Fort Worth

The ever-popular taqueria/car wash/gas station is headed to Cowtown.

Fuel City

The delightfully Texan creation that is gas station/car wash/24-hour taqueria/exotic animal haven Fuel City is expanding its reach to Fort Worth. The Star-Telegram reports that proprietor John Benda is planning a new outpost for Fort Worth's north side and hopes to have it open by Summer 2016.

In addition to 30 gas pumps, a "state-of-the-art" car wash, and the taqueria, the sprawling eight-and-a-half acre project will also reportedly include a deli — and yes, there will be animals for patrons to gaze at while eating tacos on the covered patio. While critics tend to pan Fuel City's tacos — the Observer's Scott Reitz declared them simply "not good" last year — the taqueria has legions of loyal fans that would surely disagree. (Hey, Alton Brown liked them.)

Fuel City is also working on a Mesquite location; per the Star-Telegram, it's slated to open in September.