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Ramen Mania Lands on Greenville Avenue This Month Courtesy of Wabi House

Mark your calendars for June 27.

A rendering of the Wabi House interior.
A rendering of the Wabi House interior.
Wabi House

The ramen surge marches on this summer with the arrival of Wabi House, slated to hit the scene in late June. Arguably the most exciting thing about this new development in the ramen vertical is its location and hours: Conveniently positioned on the southern end of Lowest Greenville near the intersection with Ross, it'll keep the doors open until 4 a.m. on weekends to serve the post-bar crowd.

Wabi House is the brainchild of Dien Nguyen, the corporate chef for Piranha Killer Sushi, which has seven locations in Texas. The menu will clock in at about 20 items, including classic tonkotsu ramen with a broth that's cooked for 18 hours and garnished with chashu pork, corn, wood­ear mushrooms, marinated egg, black garlic oil, and scallions. Also on the menu: vegetarian ramen, small plates, and craft cocktails.

Wabi House will officially open for business Saturday, June 27 at 11 a.m.; 100 percent of food sales from opening day will be donated to charity.

Mid-summer might not seem like the obvious time to open a restaurant that specializes in steaming bowls of soup, but Wabi House isn't the only ramen shop to plan its opening this season: Vegas export Monta Ramen is also eyeing a July opening in Richardson.

An earlier version of this post identified the opening date as July 27; the original press release stated this date in error. Wabi House will in fact open June 27.

Wabi House

Greenville Avenue Suite 100, Dallas, TX 75206, USA