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Cheesecake Shop Slated to Invade Oak Lawn Later This Month

It'll be open in the evenings for all your dessert needs.

Val's Logo

[Photo: Val's Cheesecakes]

Dallas has a much-loved specialty pie shop, so why not a cheesecake shop? Enter Val's Cheesecakes, debuting at 3906 Maple Avenue later this month. It takes over the small, brightly-painted cottage that was briefly S&M Eats, located right next to beloved dive bar The Grapevine.

Owner Valery Jean-Bart has been selling cheesecakes at places like Ascension, Opening Bell Coffee, The Cedars Social, and the Dallas Farmers Market for some time now, but this is his first foray into a brick-and-mortar space. The Haiti native specializes in cheesecakes both sweet and savory, from the Greenville Avenue (mint chocolate) and the Maple Avenue (maple cheesecake on a bacon-pecan graham cracker crust) to the Royal Lane (orange-white chocolate cheesecake topped with blueberry preserves) and the Elvis (peanut butter and banana). Those who don't want to shell out for an entire cake can opt for one of the individual cheesecake jars. Savory creations have included smoked salmon, brisket, cheddar bacon, and even a taco variety made with a corn crust and pulled chicken.

Unlike many bakeries, Val's "cheesecake cottage" will keep evening hours — 4 to 10 p.m. — to satiate post-dinner dessert seekers. (Come to think of it, a little Nutella cheesecake following a few drinks at The Grapevine wouldn't be so bad either.)

Val's Cheesecakes will host a grand opening party next Tuesday, June 30 from 6 to 9 p.m. with food by Easy Slider (free slider for the first 100 people) and La Popular at Peak & Elm (free chips, salsa, and queso), drinks by The Grapevine ($3 wells and $4 premium), and of course, cheesecake (jars will be available for $5). RSVP for the party via Eventbrite.

Val's Cheesecakes

3906 Maple Avenue, Dallas, TX 75219, USA