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Greg Abbott Regrets That Dumb Thing He Said About Barbecue Sauce

Silly governor.

Video still from Independent Review Journal

Governor Greg Abbott has made a huge mistake and heaven forbid, he's owning up to it. No, this instance has nothing to do with the idiocracy of Jade Helm or that ridiculous anti-gay marriage bill he just signed — but rather, with the very serious issue of barbecue. Last month in a video for the Independent Review JournalAbbott made the bold and very misguided claim that "the most important thing about barbecue is sauce."

Any Texan can plainly see the glaring invalidity of that statement, and thankfully Abbott has seen the error of his ways: When asked about the sauce comment in a new interview with Texas Monthly, Abbott says, "Of the things that have happened during my first session, that’s my biggest regret." Well Governor, that's a start.

Watch the original video shot at Washington D.C.'s Hill Country Barbecue Market, below: