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Tallywackers Is Where Magic Mike Meets Applebee's

What people are saying so far about Oak Lawn's male version of Hooters.

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Much-talked-about Tallywackers made its highly anticipated debut over the weekend. Although a so-called male version of Hooters might seem like an obvious win of a restaurant concept, the existence of such a place seems to have captured the hearts and minds of America. But how does the actual Tallywackers experience stack up? Here, a selection of early reviews weighing in on the food, the service, and the general concept:

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A Yelper aptly describes the Tallywackers concept: "This is a brand new concept bar/restaurant in the gayborhood. Think Hooters for the gayZ!"

Another reviewer has a slightly different take: "It's sort of like being in an Applebee's with scantily dressed men. A little jarring."


One reviewer looks favorably on the service: "He was able to answer all questions we had as to what sides come with what dish. ... He kept coming back to that table making sure water/coffee/and tea was being refilled as needed. ... Cameron was right there every step of the way to ensure our dining experience was a good one." Of course, "The fact that he was drop dead gorgeous was an added plus."

Another reviewer wasn't quite as impressed: "If this restaurant is suppose to be the male equivalent to Hooters, management seriously needs to take the boys to Hooters and let them watch how the waitresses work the crowd."

Tallywackers might be a good place to impress clients, according to at least one Yelper: "Today I took a client of mine from Madrid, Spain to this restaurant — he had an absolute blast!! ... all my client could say was, "only in America, only in America, God bless America!! My client spoke limited english; Jose took the time to speak with him in Spanish and I thought my client was going to try and steal Jose and put him in his carry-on luggage!!"

Another reviewer's not so sure about hiring hotties: "This is a good concept for a restaurant but an absolute horrible execution. It was probably the worst service I've ever received. ... The host must have noticed the estranged looks on our faces then proceeded to explain to us that half their staff had called in sick...perhaps this is why you don't hire employees based off their looks."


It's better than Hooters, according to this Yelp user: "When you think of Hooters/Twin Peaks/Tilted Kilt etc... You know you're getting boobs and food. ... I'm sorry, but Hooter's wings really aren't that great. The food here is cooked to order. From scratch. With fresh ingredients. And it's good. Really, really good!"

Maybe watch out for those crostini, though: "The spinach and crab appetizer was served with bread hard enough to crack a tooth and the smell was of a shrimp boat adrift without power for 2 weeks in the gulf of 'not sure'," claims a Yelp reviewer.

If all else fails, there's always the chicken fried steak: "The chicken fried steak was very moist and tender. The breading was not heavy. The mashed potatoes were flavorful and season just right. The brussel sprouts were wonderful. Cut in half, sautéed till tender with what tasted to be a sweet/sour warm bacon dressing with fried bacon in them."


4218 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX 75219 (469) 914-5213