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Remedy's Newest Ice Cream Sundae Pays Tribute to Chef Randall Copeland

There's a new one inspired by Monkey King Noodle Co., too.

New additions to Remedy's dessert menu.
New additions to Remedy's dessert menu.
Danyele McPherson/Facebook

The team at Lowest Greenville comfort food haven Remedy — led by chef Danyele McPherson and pastry chef Gmo Tristan — is paying tribute to a beloved local chef with its newest ice cream sundae offering: The Randall Copeland.

Copeland, an esteemed chef who split his time between Rockwall's Restaurant Ava and Boulevardier, passed away in April 2013 at just 39 years old. The dessert creation tips its hat to Copeland's Southern-influenced cooking style with buttermilk ice cream, roasted peach jam, bourbon caramel, "frittered" buttermilk biscuits, and candied pecans.

Another noteworthy addition to the dessert menu is an oddball of a new sundae named for Monkey King Noodle Co. co-owner Andrew Chen: sweet chili ice cream? Crispy noodles? Mango pudding? Fish sauce caramel? It's so bizarre, it just might work.


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