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John Tesar Adds Another Restaurant to His Resume: El Bolero

Never a dull moment.

Bill Addison for

Does John Tesar ever sleep? In between slinging high-dollar steaks at Knife, filming an upcoming reality show, overseeing the kitchen at Oak in the Design District, writing his first cookbook, firing off late-night tweets, and working on an as-yet-unnamed Italian restaurant, the chef now has yet another gig — this one for Oak sister restaurant El Bolero.

The Apheleia restaurant group has parted ways with opening chef Hugo Galvan — which may have something to do with the restaurant recently receiving its first review, a lukewarm assessment from the Dallas Observer — and Tesar says he's stepping in to run the show. He says he's importing a new chef, Jacob Barrios, from NYC; Tesar knows Barrios from his days working under seafood legend Rick Moonen in NYC and Vegas. Eater has reached out to Apheleia for comment and will update with any new info.

In other Tesar news: Stay tuned for more info on the aforementioned Italian restaurant, which the chef says he should be signing the lease for any day now. He's also soldiering ahead with his cookbook plans in the wake of Josh Ozersky's tragic passing; taking over co-writing duties will be Jordan Mackay, who wrote Aaron Franklin's recent cookbook.

el bolero restaurant

1201 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75207