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Fort Worth's Melt Ice Creams is Spreading Its Wings to Oak Cliff

A "mini-Melt" will soon be up and running inside Urban Acres.

Malcolm Mayhew

Fort Worth's Melt Ice Creams has won legions of loyal fans since it opened in Fort Worth's Near Southside neighborhood just over a year ago — but that's a mighty long drive for ice cream-loving Dallasites. Lucky for you, Observer critic Scott Reitz breaks the news that Kari Crowe's ice cream shop is headed for Oak Cliff.

Sayeth the Reitz:

In the next month or two, she will be setting up a mini-Melt of sorts at Urban Acres in Oak Cliff. Many of the details are still being worked out but she plans on making the cones on-site, which means Urban Acres is about to smell really, really good on the weekends.

Melt specializes in unique flavors made with locally-sourced ingredients, from Dude, Sweet Chocolate and Avoca coffee to Texas pecans. There's always a vegan-friendly flavor or two, as well, such as avocado-lime or blackberry sorbet.

With the recent arrival of a second Carnival Barker's location and the existing La Original Michoacana, not to mention beloved snow cone staple Aunt Stelle's, Oak Cliff is quickly achieving frozen treat nirvana — and with summer on the horizon, it's not a moment too soon.