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Honey Dee's to Bestow Philly-Style Water Ice on North Dallas

Plus soft-serve and regular ice cream in unusual flavors.

Honey Dee's/Facebook

During the face-meltingly hot Texas summers, there can really never be too many options for frozen treats. Enter Honey Dee's, a new shop coming to Inwood Road near the Dallas North Tollway specializing in Philadelphia-style water ice, as well as soft-serve and hard-scoop ice cream.

The new concept takes over the space at 12300 Inwood Road previously occupied by SnoDawg's, which specialized in shaved ice and hot dogs. As anyone who's ever had water ice — also known as Italian ice — will tell you, it's only distantly related to the snow cone, with a creamy texture more akin to ice cream (minus the dairy).

Honey Dee's is the brainchild of two women, both of whom know a thing or two about Philly-style frozen desserts: Julie Lynch, whose husband George Lynch used to play basketball for the 76ers, and Pamela Linseman, who originally hails from the Philadelphia area. (The name Honey Dee's pays homage to both of their mothers.) Linseman used to own a candy store in New Hampshire that sold licorice from all over the world and other uncommon or retro confections; Honey Dee's will pick up where that left off, with a selection of unusual candies including some imported from the UK.

The hard-scoop ice cream will come in flavors targeted more toward adults, such as fig or honey-lavender, that will utilize local ingredients. Patrons may also find house-baked cookies for ice cream sandwiches. Look for Honey Dee's to debut in August; in the meantime, keep tabs on the shop's progress via Facebook.