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Uchi Dallas Gets Its First Official Review

Plus, Scott Reitz weighs in on Spork.

Kyla Davidson

Teresa Gubbins reviewed Uchi: In the first of what is surely several reviews to come for the recent Dallas arrival, Gubbins refers to the bustling scene as "a runaway train." She cites "painfully long waits" including "a marathon Wednesday-night meal that took four hours." As for the food: A sea bream carpaccio merits praise, but she says the sushi, though "well composed," is "hardly better than" Dallas sushi standbys such as Tei Tei. Desserts, including the as-seen-on-your-Instagram-feed fried milk, "seemed to be trying awfully hard." Nonetheless, Gubbins acknowledges that "For the moment, you are not somebody unless you’re sitting in the foyer at Uchi, sipping your cocktail, scoping out the scene." [Fort Worth Star-Telegram]

Scott Reitz reviewed Spork: For a restaurant that showcases burgers, Reitz wasn't impressed by Spork's, dubbing them "pale and a little overcooked — certainly not enough to stand out in Dallas' highly saturated burger market." There are other worthwhile dishes, though, like bulgogi kimchi fries, a "perfect" fish sandwich, and "a cabbage salad loaded with sprouts, watercress and honey roasted peanuts." Overall, Reitz feels "Dallas has too many top-notch burger restaurants to spend an evening with a mediocre burger," but family-friendly Spork may be ideal for parents who want to kick back while their kids frolic on the patio. [Dallas Observer]

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