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Mayor Mike Rawlings Performs the Heimlich Maneuver at El Fenix

If you're choking on an enchilada, better hope the mayor is at the next table.

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Regardless of how you may feel about Mike Rawlings' politics, the mayor of Dallas would make a mighty fine dinner party guest. On Saturday afternoon at the original El Fenix downtown, the second-term mayor saved a woman who was choking, WFAA reports.

Helen Mayer told News 8 she was choking on a piece of fajita meat about three bites into a lunch with about eight of her family members."When I turned around I started gasping for air," she said. "I remember standing up, and that's about all I remember." She thought it was a stranger who came to her aid. "The next thing I knew, this gentleman had picked me up from behind and did the Heimlich maneuver," Mayer continued. "I came around, and it was the mayor of Dallas. It was like he was my hero."

Per WFAA, "Rawlings said he knew the Heimlich maneuver from his time as a lifeguard and as a Boy Scout." The mayor was dining with his son, Gunnar, who later tweeted about the incident (as millennials are wont to do):

Rawlings already has a burger named after him at Rodeo Goat, but perhaps now he'll get a fajita platter named in his honor at the Tex-Mex institution. Watch the news story, below: