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New McKinney Avenue Bar, Zoli's Obscene Stromboli, and More A.M. Intel

A daily serving of restaurant news tidbits.

Uptown Pawn

UPTOWN—A new bar is moving into the old Belly & Trumpet space on McKinney Avenue. Uptown Pawn is brought to you by Alex Marko, who also owns the recently opened TBD just across the street. The Facebook page describes it as a "neighborhood bar," but doesn't offer any insight into the name just yet. (Perhaps you'll be able to pawn stuff in exchange for $12 cocktails?)

PIZZA WIRE—Today in "too hot for Eater" news, the Zoli's crew delivered a giant penis-shaped stromboli to the eXXXotica expo that was held over the weekend. And in case you've got an upcoming bachelorette party crying out for such a foodstuff, they are indeed available for catering.

TRINITY GROVES—The newest concept at Phil Romano's restaurant wonderland is now hiring: Saint Rocco's New York Italian is currently seeking bartenders. The casual Italian concept will be open for dinner only; per a report from Escape Hatch, the menu will include handmade pastas and charcuterie.