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Uptown Is Getting a Pawn Shop-Themed Bar With Bottle Service

Wait, what?

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More details on Uptown Pawnthe new bar moving into the former Belly & Trumpet space on McKinney Avenue: Slated to open in September, it's brought to you by the group behind recently opened restaurant-nightclub hybrid TBD, which is located just across the street.

According to a press release, the "unique concept will fuse the fun, whimsical nature of a pawn shop with the hospitality of a bar and restaurant." Clearly the concept is modeled more after shops like the one on the History Channel's reality TV series Pawn Stars, rather than the kind of establishments found around Dallas where desperate people part with their prized posessions in order to obtain much-needed cash. Questionable theme aside, the space will be filled with furniture, art, and musical instruments that will be available for purchase. (Perhaps an antique store theme would've made more sense.)

On the menu, expect "classic bar food like burgers and wings" and a signature drink called the Lunch Box, which is beer with orange juice and a shot of amaretto dropped into the glass. Expect live music and DJs — oh, and the all-important bottle service. In keeping with the theme, perhaps patrons will be able to swap their flat-screen TVs and/or jewelry for heavily marked-up bottles of premium vodka? Fingers crossed.