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Where Chefs Eat: Eric Dreyer of Fearing's

Here's where to find him chowing down on sushi, tacos, and burgers.


While pillar of Texas cooking Dean Fearing roams the dining room at his eponymous Ritz-Carlton restaurant shaking hands, chef de cuisine Eric Dreyer holds it down in the kitchen. Dreyer's been at Fearing's since it opened back in 2007, which is no small feat in a town where chefs seem to swap kitchens like Pokemon cards. (Dreyer, of course, also has the distinction of being voted Dallas's hottest chef back in 2013.) Now, Dean Fearing's right-hand man spills on his favorite places to eat around Dallas:

Favorite breakfast or brunch place?
I'm clearly biased, but Fearing's. We have a great brunch; what better way to start a Sunday than with a bowl of tortilla soup and a bloody mary? Although most mornings, my ritual is simple — I usually make a quick bowl of Greek yogurt, granola, and fresh berries.

Where do you go for a quick lunch?
One of my favorite places to go for a lunch on-the-go is Torchy's Tacos. The green chile pork taco is my favorite. Make sure to ask for extra pickled jalapenos and their killer chipotle sauce.

Where/what do you eat after you get off work late?
I don't think there is any other answer except for In-N-Out Burger. I lived in California for 10 years, so this has become a staple food item. I'll get Animal Style if it's been a particularly long night — I earned it!

Where do you like to drink, and what do you usually order?
I like places that really know how to make a proper cocktail, especially The Standard Pour and Savor. When I let my hair down I order a Bulleit Bourbon on the rocks, but generally you can find me sipping on a nice pinot noir or cabernet.

Best date night destination?
For a date night, I invite the lucky lady over to my house and cook.

What's your favorite pizza place?
Dean Fearing and I just spent a few weeks in Italy for Expo Milan 2015. I thought I had tried good pizza before, but it appears I was mistaken. The Italians just have the secret to the perfect crust and sauce. However, if I had to pick somewhere locally to fulfill my withdrawals, I had a great slice at Eno's in Bishop Arts the other day.

Do you have a favorite burger in town?
The Uncle Herky at Luscher's Red Hots is insane. I mean, there are two wagyu beef patties on this burger — how can you go wrong? What really tops it off is the cheese, his homemade mustard, fresh mayonnaise, grilled onions, and horseradish pickles. Brian knows how to make a burger!

What about favorite international restaurants?
I love grabbing a seat at the bar at Sushi Sake in Richardson and watching chef Takashi Soda create his magic. The restaurant is always consistent and well-priced.

Any hidden gems or hole-in-the-walls you swear by?
Modmarket just opened in Preston Hollow and is a new favorite. Everything they make is simple, made from scratch, and their menu changes throughout the year to ensure they are using seasonal ingredients. It's delicious, quick and affordable... the perfect trifecta.

Other favorite restaurants elsewhere in the U.S.?
When I lived in LA, my absolute favorite spot was Katsuya which serves life-changing sushi. I make a point to visit there anytime I make it back to the West Coast.


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