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Leslie Brenner Confirms What You Already Know About Off-Site Kitchen

That it's really, really good.

Off-Site Kitchen
Off-Site Kitchen
Lori Bandi

For the second week in a row, Leslie Brenner wholeheartedly agrees with the general dining public: Off-Site Kitchen is awesome. The Dallas Morning News files on Nick Badovinus's beloved Trinity Groves burger joint this week, giving it three stars and declaring that "OSK, as it's known, makes some of the best burgers in town." No news there, but at least any Dallas Morning News subscribers that weren't already aware of the glories of OSK are now informed.

One of them is that Locals Only, a smashed-and-griddled patty dressed up with bacon, mustard, melted American cheese and chopped jalapeños. Messy and juicy, wrapped in yellow paper and delivered to your table or counter in a plastic basket, it’s short-order delicious in the way that only a burger flipped in a dive can be. Nothing gourmet about it, with its thinnish patty, its good char, its shredded lettuce. Eat this and you’re living in a world where it wouldn’t matter if there had never been an American food revolution.

In other reviews this week: Dallas Observer checked out Taiwanese food at Taipei Station Cafe; got an early look at Denton's new brewpub Barley & Board; Fort Worth Weekly checked out Grady Spears' new Horseshoe Hill Cafe.

Off Site Kitchen

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