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Critics Consider Fortune House, Wabi House, And Nora

Plus, more critics hit up Dunston's, Nova, Wine Poste and Ida Claire.

Leslie Brenner reviews Fortune House: This new Chinese restaurant featuring Shanghainese cuisine from chefs Ren Guoqing and Zou Guifeng brings in three stars, with fragile soup dumplings and an array of incredible starters—from scallion pancakes to a "trendy newish dish called pastrami egg roll"—hitting the spot. For a real knock-out, order the entree-sized Lion's Head Meatballs, "oversized, gorgeously spiced, saucy, tender orbs of pork... cradled with leaves of baby bok choy and garnished with sliced scallions in an attractive clay pot." [Dallas Morning News]

Scott Weitz hits up Wabi House: Head to this new Lowest Greenville ramen and small plates hotspot for the unrivaled tsukemen bowl, but do note that "attempts at conjuring an izakaya are... hit and miss," which means killer pork croquettes and "addictive" fried chick peas, but sometimes "rubbery" pig ears and dry chicken karaage. Owners Dien Nguyen and Kenzo Tran also run the Piranha Killer Sushi empire, so the sashimi here also "holds up" as expected. [Dallas Observer]

Eve Hill Magnus dines at Nora: "Chef Matt Pikar lavishes attention on traditional dishes from Afghanistan that take you far from Lowest Greenville." As for the menu, "lamb is king." Try the stewed lamb korma with its "rich, mysterious sauce hiding dried plum and lentils," one of many stews over sexy Afghani rice,  but steer clear of the tough and "over-salted" shrimp kebabs. Overall, "plates are handsome" and the setting is as well. [D Magazine]

ELSEWHERE: D went to old-school steakhouse Dunston's and Oak Cliff favorite Nova; the Observer checked out Wine Poste and had dessert at Ida Claire.

Fortune House

8150 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX 75063 (972) 831-9888 Visit Website

Wabi House

1802 Greenville Avenue, , TX 75206 (469) 779-6474 Visit Website


205 North Bishop Avenue, , TX 75208 (214) 828-0095 Visit Website