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Vegas-Based Minus5 Ice Bar Is Likely Heading To Dallas

The ice lounge is looking for a Dallas location.


Las Vegas-bred frozen drinking attraction Minus5 Ice Bar—literally, a cocktail bar made entirely of ice that melts away and must be redesigned every six to eight weeks—may be heading to Dallas. In a recent interview with Eater Vegas, Minus5 president Noel Bowman notes that "Hawaii, San Francisco, Nashville and Dallas are in the works" for the ice lounge empire.

Along with two Vegas locations, Minus5 has also recently expanded to New York, the Cayman Islands, and Orlando. Eater Dallas has reached out to Minus5, and Bowman has released this official statement:

"We are currently looking for locations in Dallas. More information will be released as the plans start coming together."

Until then, maybe its time to dust off your finest wool coats, furs and parkas, or whatever lover boy is wearing right here.