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Goodfriend's New Project, Another Steakhouse for Uptown, and More A.M. Intel

A fresh serving of restaurant news to start your day.

Goodfriend will soon have a new sibling.
Goodfriend will soon have a new sibling.

EAST DALLAS—At long last, the Goodfriend guys are making progress on their long-discussed "package store." Expect "a deli/convenient [sic] store set up," with sandwiches, "packaged meat and cheese," and beer to-go all available for purchase. Let's all cross our fingers that Blind Butcher chef Oliver Sitrin's sausages (and perhaps that housemade ricotta) make an appearance.

LAKEWOOD—People were pretty bummed when popular Mediterranean buffet spot Ali Baba closed late last year — but perhaps barbecue can fill the shawarma-shaped void left in out hearts? A seemingly new concept called Lakewood Smokehouse will be taking over the space; stay tuned for details as they develop.

UPTOWN—Oh good, Uptown's getting another steakhouse. Ruth's Chris is slated for the ground floor of a 19-story luxury high-rise building at 1900 Cedar Springs. While you're waiting for it to open, red meat cravings can be sated at the nearby Nick & Sam's — or Perry's, or Truluck's, or Morton's, or Bob's, or Ocean Prime... you get the idea.

PLANO—The oldest restaurant in the Dallas area is dunzo. Vincent's Seafood, founded in 1898, closed over the weekend. As Nancy Nichols points out, "Now the title of 'The Oldest Restaurant in Dallas' falls to El Fenix or maybe Highland Park Pharmacy," both of which are still going strong.