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Cannabis Coffee: Coming Soon to a Suburb Near You

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Sadly, it won't contain any THC — yet.


Medicinal marijuana is now legal in a whopping 23 states, and as you probably know all too well, Texas ain't one of them. So it may come as a shock to hear that the Lexus SUV-driving soccer mom-populated suburb of Frisco, of all places, might soon be home to a cannabis cafe hawking smoothies, juices, and coffee infused with the plant.

Per NBC 5, AmeriCanna Cafe — which has said it wants to become "the Starbucks of cannabis" — is currently eyeing "a location near the intersection of Wade Boulevard and Preston Road." However, the news station says the cafe will "use hemp seeds found in a type of cannabis that doesn't have THC like marijuana," so said beverages will not in fact get you stoned. "It will not give you any of the hallucinogenic affects from marijuana," the company's CEO is quoted as saying.

But when or if Texas finally comes around to legalizing marijuana, that would all change: Parent company North American Cannabis Holdings explains on its website, "The AmeriCanna Café will initially include custom blended hemp infused coffee, cold pressed juices and smoothies in addition to carrying raw hemp seeds and other hemp infused foods. As state and federal law permits, THC infused beverages and foods will be added to the menu."

Are weed smoothies destined to be the next green juice? Stay tuned, and watch the local news story below: