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The Critics Weigh In on Rapscallion and Uchi

Rave reviews from Brenner and Reitz.

Lori Bandi

Leslie Brenner reviewed Rapscallion: She proclaims this Boulevardier sibling "the latest expression of Modern Texas cuisine — and one of the most original and interesting in Dallas." Menu highlights include "a beautiful salad of coal-roasted and shaved raw beets" with blue cheese and green goddess dressing, cabrito kebabs, and grilled pancetta-wrapped scallions. She was somewhat less impressed by the popular fried and rotisserie chicken options, deeming the latter "unremarkable." In Brenner's opinion, "the place is ideally suited for bar dining, or casual snacks and drinks ... because so many of the best dishes are noshy." Be sure to order "one of Eddie Eakin's delicious alcoholic potions." Three stars. [Dallas Morning News]

Scott Reitz checked out Uchi: He declares the Austin export "Dallas' newest and most aspiring sushi restaurant," even for people not looking to drop a big wad of cash. Hit up happy hour to "find plenty of bites for less than $10 and budget-friendly drinks," or drop big bucks on the omakase — "and no matter how customers navigate the menu, they're treated with the same patient, attentive service." Standouts for Reitz included A5 Wagyu beef nigiri ("the marbling was so intense the beef ate like toro") and impeccably fresh baby bonito with fried garlic. Overall, "Uchi entertains and even puzzles diners as much as it feeds them." [Dallas Observer]

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