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Kevin Marple

FT33 golden boy Matt McCallister is preparing to open his second restaurant this fall in Deep Ellum, and now it appears the highly anticipated Filament officially has a chef: Cody Sharp of Uptown cocktail den The Standard Pour, who previously served as sous chef under Omar Flores at Casa Rubia.

Blogger Mike Hiller of Escape Hatch broke the news, and McCallister himself confirmed it via Facebook:

The news is live!!!!!

Posted by Matthew McCallister on Monday, September 14, 2015

"McCallister and Sharp have been traipsing across the South and wide swaths of the U.S., researching menus and restaurants for Filament," says Hiller. Meanwhile, Sharp's still in the kitchen at The Standard Pour through the end of this month. (An inquiry to Filament PR wasn't immediately returned.)

The refined, imaginative takes on Southern food that Sharp's been serving at the Uptown bar certainly paint the chef as a good fit for Filament, which has stated it intends to "honor simply prepared ingredients of the South." The latest word from the Filament camp estimates an October opening.