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DFW-Born Rusty Taco Changes Name to R Taco

Buffalo Wild Wings became the majority stakeholder last year.

Rusty Taco/Facebook

Dallas-born Rusty Taco is dropping the Rusty. Named after its founder, Rusty Fenton, who died of cancer in 2013, the chain was bought out by Buffalo Wild Wings last year and will now be known by the much more generic sounding R Taco.

Per the Dallas Morning News, "As the name change is phased in over the next three months at the company’s nine current locations, the logo will still sport the same colors and script style but will morph from a rectangle to a circle." Fenton's widow Diane, who serves as brand director, tells the paper they wanted a moniker that would "resonate more easily for those who didn’t know Rusty."

The taqueria chain currently has five DFW locations, plus one in Colorado and several in Minnesota with more on the way. The menu includes street taco classics like picadillo and beef fajita along with Americanized versions like fried chicken with jalapeno ranch.