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A.M. Intel: Emporium Pies Supports Ahmed, DEBC Wants to Sue TABC

A fresh serving of restaurant news to start your day.

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Emporium Pies/Facebook

— East Dallas gem Sakhuu Thai will have a booth at the State Fair this year, in the Tower Building. The featured item is their stuffed chicken wings, one of the most popular menu items from the restaurant, but there will also be egg rolls, fried dumplings, and Thai tea with boba.

— Today Emporium Pies is honoring Ahmed Mohamed, the Irving ISD ninth-grader who was placed in handcuffs for bringing a clock he built to school. Bring in a clock today (not a phone or a watch!) and get 20 percent off; additionally, 20 percent of all profits from the day's sales will be donated to a local science and engineering nonprofit.

— Update on the Dream Cafe expansion coming to Lakewood: A rep for the restaurant says they're targeting the first week of December for an opening.

— If you're in any way serious about drinking wine, you probably shouldn't go to fine dining dinosaur The Old Warsaw. There you'll find such gems as Wycliff Brut — the $4 "champagne" often used to make bottomless mimosas — priced at an insane 7x markup, not to mention "spelling errors, labeling errors and general confusion." Hooray.

Deep Ellum Brewing Company wants to sue the TABC in order to change what they deem "the unconstitutional beer laws of Texas." If you've ever tried to buy beer to-go from a microbrewery, you know it's strangely prohibited (unless they've got a brewpub license) — and yet, wineries and distilleries aren't subject to the same rules. The brewery has launched a crowdfunding campaign with rewards like "Sue TABC" koozies and shirts and brewery tours.