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Check Out the New Cane Rosso, Almost Ready to Roll in Carrollton

Brace for Neapolitan pizza and Moscow mules.

Here's a look inside the newest Cane Rosso, preparing to open any day now in the city of Carrollton. This marks the fifth location for Jay Jerrier's Neapolitan pizza sensation, which began its life as a mobile pizza oven before opening its first Deep Ellum store back in 2011.

The focal point of the dining room is a gigantic, colorful mural by local artist Clay Stinnett. Cane Rosso social media guru Jeff Amador explains: "The piece is based on 'La Smorfia' ('the grimace') from Naples, which is a book that is used to interpret your dreams in order to determine which numbers to bet on the lottery. We, of course, did our own spin on it... lots of Dallas references, chef friends, pop culture bits, and of course, Star Wars."

The eclectic cast of caricatures includes everyone from Spock and Elvira to Guy Fieri and Bob Ross, plus local chefs like Kent Rathbun and Danyele McPherson. "You've really got to see it in person to truly appreciate the comedic majesty contained herein," Amador proclaims.

The menu will be largely the same as that found at other Cane Rosso locations, although there is an exclusive-to-Carrollton pizza that will be revealed soon. This locations differs from most of the others in that it has a full liquor license — meaning you'll be able to have a tasty cocktail like a Moscow mule, mojito, or Aperol spritz along with your pizza pie.

The pizzeria is still staffing up, but anticipates opening to the public within the next week; stay tuned for an official opening date.