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Whataburger Employee Who Wouldn't Serve Cops: I Was Just Kidding

Nonetheless, he's out of a job.


A Whataburger employee in Lewisville caused a media explosion when he refused to serve food to two police officers earlier this week. Now, according to WFAA, the employee — who has since been terminated — is claiming it was all just a joke.

The unnamed employee, who is in his 50s and had been working at Whataburger for nearly a decade, tells News 8 he tried to tell the officers he was just joking at the time of the incident; the cops dispute that, asserting that "there was nothing funny about it" and "the worker never said it was a joke."

Whataburger's Twitter account may be known for its lighthearted jokes — recent tweets have included the hashtag #ByeFelicia and one about the recent Drake/Meek Mill beef — but the burger chain was all business when it came to this incident, quickly tweeting a serious statement about the incident and inviting the officers back to the restaurant for a face-to-face apology.