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More Deep-Fried Absurdities to Eat at the 2015 State Fair of Texas

S'More Beer, deep fried flan cake, limited edition Oreos and lots more.

State Fair of Texas

There are only a scant four days until the State Fair of Texas opens its doors and unleashes its annual offerings of horrifying yet magical deep fried wonders upon your tastebuds. But, good news, folks...because chicken fried lobster and bacon margs are never enough to please everyone, Big Tex has gone and added even more insane foods to the 2015 line-up.

In fact, there are over 15 new foods which will debut this Friday, September 25, and they're all certified insane—from deep fried flan cake to young coconuts filled with your choice of pina colada or strawberry flavored frozen margarita. Here are some highlights for all arteries to be on the look out for:

Deep Fried Cheeseburger basket: Cheeseburger with bacon, fried and onion rings wrapped in tortilla and fried chimichanga style with dipping sauces.

Fried Tailgate Party: Every sort of tailgating meat you can imagine stuffed in a biscuit and deep fried in the shape of a mini football.

Pumpkin Spice Donut Chip: Deep fried "donut chip" with pumpkin spice glaze, ice cream and, of course, candied bacon.

S'more Beer: An imperial milk stout with graham crackers, chocolate milk, marshmallow and other classic S'more items impinging on its integrity.

Limited edition deep fried Oreos: Includes red velvet and cookie dough options, but the Cotton Candy—which includes a pink and blue batter, pink and blue sugar candy topping, AND a side of cotton candy—sounds like the real crowd pleaser, if say, the crowd is a hoard of ruthless gap toothed first graders.

Check out all the new additions,  from deep fried kettle corn to chocolate covered bacon on a stick, right here. You can also see what the new foods actually look like right here.  Also, don't forget about these previously-announced new specialties also joining Big Tex this year, including the award-winning carrot cake rolls and smoky bacon marg.