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OinknMoo BBQ Truck Destroyed By Fire, Seeks Funds To Rebuild

An electrical fire destroyed the truck's kitchen on September 9.


Sad news from the food truck scene today...On September 9, the OinknMoo BBQ food truck suffered an electrical fire so bad that it sounds like the kitchen, and perhaps the entire operation, cannot be salvaged. Owner David Hunt is now trying to raise $50,000 to rebuild and save his business. Here's the story:

Preparing for our biggest week in our history, our smoker caught fire and spread throughout the entire interior of the kitchen. It decimated everything. We are having to start from scratch to try and rebuild and, while we do have insurance which will cover some costs, it will not cover everything. The damage was so severe that we very possibly may not be able to come back.

OinknMoo BBQ has been on the scene for three years, serving fine traditional Texas cue to the Dallas area. You can contribute to OMQ's rebuild right here.