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AF+B Calls It Quits in Fort Worth's West 7th

American Food and Beverage is dunzo.

American Food and Beverage/Facebook

Another one bites the dust: AF+B in Fort Worth's West 7th district has closed up shop. Critic Leslie Brenner reports the closure on GuideLive, pointing out that she gave the restaurant four stars in a review last year.

While Brenner did her fair share of gushing over the "Modern Texas cuisine" at AF+B, not all local food writers were equally impressed. Fort Worth's man about town Bud Kennedy weighed in via Twitter:

Brenner also reveals that AF+B chef Jeff Harris, formerly of Bolsa, has a restaurant of his own in the works. He hasn't yet decided whether it'll be in Fort Worth or Dallas, but it sounds like it'll be "smaller" and "more casual" than AF+B.

Meanwhile, AF+B owner Raised Palate (formerly Consilient) reportedly "plans to open two restaurants in the Dallas Design District." That location will presumably be a better fit for the restaurant group than West 7th, which they tell Brenner wasn't the right location for AF+B.


2869 Crockett Street, Dallas, TX 75042, USA