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Melt Ice Creams Is On The Move

The Fort Worth creamery will relocate to Magnolia Ave this spring.

This tiny little ray of sunshine is about to get a whole lot bigger.
This tiny little ray of sunshine is about to get a whole lot bigger.
Malcolm Mayhew [EDFW]
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Last year was huge for the minds behind Fort Worth’s Melt Ice Creams. After launching a weekend pop-up at Urban Acres in Bishop Arts, Kari Crowe Seher and her husband Mark opened soft-serve shop Motor Sisters Ice Cream at Truck Yard. Now, it appears that 2016 will be even bigger for the dairy-slinging duo, as Melt Ice Creams plans to move into a much bigger space later this year.

Announced via press release on Friday, Melt Ice Creams will move into a much bigger location at 1201 Magnolia Ave in Fort Worth. According to the release, the move will triple Melt Ice Cream’s kitchen capacity, which of course brings the ability to create even more delicious ice cream flavors. Frequent customers will also be happy to hear that the new Melt Ice Creams will have a larger parking lot, one that doesn’t involve "dodging a stop sign" in order to park and grab your cone.

Melt Ice Cream will open its bigger, better location in ‘late Spring 2016,’ just in time for yet another devastatingly hot Texas summer. At least there will be ice cream.