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You Can Bash Open Your Very Own Chocolate Piñata At Uncle Julio’s

Now, it's your birthday every day.

Dessert is more delicious when it requires a hammer.
Dessert is more delicious when it requires a hammer.
Uncle Julio's

Dinner is decidedly better when there’s a hammer involved, which makes the prospect of an edible piñata incredibly tantalizing. Unfortunately, dinner and party games don’t frequently cross paths, but a new dessert available only at Dallas-Fort Worth locations of Uncle Julio’s will give you the opportunity to crack open your very own personal (edible!) piñata. What a truly magical world we live in.

The new chocolate piñata at the Dallas-based Tex-Mex chain doesn’t exactly resemble your average birthday party prop, but the fun is still totally there. Using a small wooden hammer (provided by Uncle Julio’s, naturally), diners can crack open the suspended egg-shaped piñata to reveal a delicious treasure trove of goodies, including handmade mini-churros, pineapple, and fresh berries.

Once you’ve hammered open your piñata, you can dip the churros and fresh fruit into a trio of raspberry, chocolate, and caramel sauces and whipped cream. The dessert will only set you back $20, and it will serve 4-8 guests or one incredibly greedy birthday girl (or boy).

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