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John Tesar Will Beef With Bobby Flay On TV

Tesar's episode of Beat Bobby Flay airs January 28.

If there are three things that Chef John Tesar loves, it’s beef, competition, and television cameras. The ever-competitive chef has already already shown off his skills on Bravo's Top Chefthe Esquire Network's Restaurant Revolution, and a Kitchen Nightmares-style show that is still (apparently) in the works. Now, the chef will take on one of Food Network’s biggest personalities in a beefy battle.

Alongside Chef Terry Sargent, Tesar will star in the Season 7 premiere of Beat Bobby Flay, and the theme will decidedly involve some meat. “Clearly someone has some beef to settle when chefs John Tesar and Terry Sargent step into the arena in hopes of taking down Bobby Flay,” according to the episode’s (which is of course titled “A Cut Above”) description.

This episode, which airs January 28 at 9 p.m. on Food Network, will be particularly Dallas heavy, as Pakpao Thai chef and Cutthroat Kitchen judge Jet Tila will join Simon Majumdar to determine whether or not Tesar has what it takes to top Flay in a mysteriously meaty challenge.

Tesar is the latest in a long line of Dallas chefs who’ve tried to take down Flay and his persistently mediocre brand of Tex-Mex, including Pink Magnolia’s Blythe Beck and Malai Kitchen’s Braden Wages. No spoilers, but Flay hasn’t exactly been easy for Dallas chefs to beat. Perhaps Tesar will reverse the trend and bring home a win.

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