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Ships Lounge Might Have A New Savior; A New Toast Spot For Lower Greenville?

So many questions in today's dose of Dallas restaurant rumormongering.

Don't hold your breath, but Ships Lounge could be making a comeback.
Don't hold your breath, but Ships Lounge could be making a comeback.
Ships Lounge/Facebook
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The ongoing saga of Ships Lounge, the Lower Greenville dive bar that closed earlier this year, has been a bit of a nail-biter. After the bar closed last summer, Twisted Root owner Jason Boso was poised to revive the space. Unfortunately, the permitting process (complicated by concerns from residents of the neighborhood) didn’t go in Boso’s favor, and he backed out of the project. Now, it appears a new owner has stepped up – one that’s already seen success on Lower Greenville.

The Lakewood Advocate first reported that Ships had changed hands, citing a Facebook post from Bob Sinnott, a Lakewood resident and founder of a Facebook group from residents. According to Sinnott, the owners of Nora, the popular Afghan bistro just a stone’s throw away from Ships Lounge, had taken over the property with plans to reopen. When reached for comment by the Advocate, the owners of Nora were not yet ready to confirm the news.

Interestingly enough, Sinnott’s Facebook page also reveals another bit of juicy restaurant news. According to his Facebook page, Sinnott is the chief executive officer at Toasted Coffee + Kitchen, a forthcoming concept that will open at 5240 Ross Avenue. Based on stock photos – not actual menu items, oddly – the concept will feature fancy toasts, the food trend du jour, and (of course) coffee. Toasted Coffee + Kitchen is scheduled for a "Spring 2016" opening.

Stay tuned to this space for more details on both the future of Ships Lounge and whether or not Lowest Greenville will soon be Dallas' newest destination for artisanal toasts.