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Landlord Troubles Could Spell Doom For Dixie House

Are Dixie House's days numbered?

Dixie House might be in danger.
Dixie House might be in danger.
Dixie House/Facebook
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The closure of the long-standing Black Eyed Pea on Cedar Springs last month probably didn’t really come as much of a shock. Diners tastes are changing, and as such, many old-school eateries are in danger of being left behind completely. Among them, apparently, is Dixie House, the Black Eyed Pea’s sister restaurant located in Lakewood.

Dixie House was already in danger earlier this year, when its parent company Restaurants Acquisition I, LLC filed for bankruptcy. Now, though, the Lakewood Advocate reports that Dixie House’s landlord may soon kick the Lakewood institution out of the digs it has occupied for more than 35 years.

A spokesperson for Dixie House told the Advocate that the restaurant was one of its “core properties," and that they would stay at their current location on Gaston Ave. until “forced to leave by the landlord.” According to anonymous sources, Dixie House is on a month-to-month lease, and its landlord Lincoln Property Company has been quietly seeking new occupants for the space.

This neighborhood has seen a great deal of controversy over some of its older establishments in recent months. Last year, a group of neighborhood residents campaigned to save the Lakewood Theatre and its iconic marquee, which is currently well on its way to being designated a historic landmark. Time will tell whether or not locals care enough about Dixie House’s fluffy rolls and chicken fried steaks to mount a similar offensive.