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4 Excellent Cocktails To Drink In Dallas This Weekend

The week is over – let's drink.

Fresh cocktails that will leave you pining for spring at Wayward Sons.
Fresh cocktails that will leave you pining for spring at Wayward Sons.
Kathy Tran [EDFW]

TGIF, man. Even though it was a short week, there’s no more beautiful sight than the weekend. Whether or not you’re still playing holiday catch-up, this weekend is a good time to take a break from the grind and imbibe in some of Dallas’ finest cocktails.

Consider this a classier version of a weekend bar crawl, one that will lead you to the best of-the-moment libations in town.

Dublin Toddy, Smoke Dallas

The days this weekend may be warmer this weekend than those previous, but the nights will still be cold. Warm the chill from your bones with an Irish-inspired hot toddy at Smoke Dallas. This comforting hot cocktail is made with Jameson Black Barrel infused with Ascension Coffee, brown sugar, and absinthe.

The Old Quarter, Filament

Beverage director Jeffrey Gregory’s The Old Quarter is Southern charm in a glass. Bourbon, sorghum, and chicory (like the kind you’ll find New Orleans-style coffee) will soothe the sore throat you’ve inevitably contracted from your germ-ridden co-workers without being overly sweet. Go after 9 p.m. and pair with Filament’s not-so-secret burger.

The Wayward Son, Wayward Sons

If you’re tired of winter and all the warm flavors that it brings, go for something fresh. At Wayward Sons, the veggie-heavy namesake cocktail is mixed with gin, radish, cucumber, and cilantro. It’s sort of like those uber-trendy green juices, only better and with booze. It’s the perfect accompaniment to Chef Graham Dodds’ stunning vegetable charcuterie.

Image credit: Kathy Tran [EDFW]

The Enlightener, Drugstore Cowboy

This newly-opened Deep Ellum establishment focuses on "restorative and curative" cocktails that also happen to be pretty damn classic. The Enlightener, mixed with mezcal, agave, and citrus, is a simple sip, and the double-punch of agave will (allegedly) help you avoid a hangover. It’s a win-win.

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