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Hooters Is Too ‘Sexually Explicit’ For Downtown Fort Worth

Residents will protest the breastaurant's arrival at One City Place.

Those orange shorts are a little too racy for some Fort Worth residents.
Those orange shorts are a little too racy for some Fort Worth residents.

Despite Hooters’ insistence that it is just a "delightfully tacky" family restaurant, it is still the world’s most famous breastaurant. Still, it’s generally a place that doesn’t create too much controversy, except among those who are staunchly opposed to their wing sauce. In Fort Worth, though, residents are concerned about the ‘sexually explicit’ restaurant landing in Downtown.

According to the Fort Worth Star TelegramHooters plans to open a location in Downtown Fort Worth's newly-renovated One City Place. Residents say that the real estate company responsible for the property, Dallas’ Spire Realty Group, "lied" to those living in the neighborhood, telling them that the space would not become a Hooters. Now, it will go before Downtown Fort Worth’s design review committee, and disgruntled residents plan to mount a protest.

"It’s sexually explicit content, and it’s offensive," resident Sasha Camacho told the Star-Telegram. "They lied to us and said ‘No, this will not be a Hooters,’ but they’ve already got the liquor license and permits."

Hooters has yet to issue a statement about the planned protests, but it wouldn’t be the first time the restaurant has faced opposition. In 2010, feminists in Wales and Cardiff, U.K protested the arrival of Hooters across the pond, saying that it would result in increased sexual harassment. In  2013, religious protesters clashed with wing-lovers outside of a Jackson, Mississippi Hooters.

If this Hooters is approved by the Downtown design review board, it would become the second outpost of the breastaurant in Fort Worth.

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