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Canadian Fast Casual Chain Freshii Brings Healthy Fare To Victory Park

Quinoa bowls and healthy breakfast tacos, eh?

Finally, a healthy lunch option for Victory Park
Finally, a healthy lunch option for Victory Park
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Victory Park hasn’t exactly been known as a hot Dallas dining district, but 2016 could be the year that it changes for good. As Victory Park continues to grow, including a 700-seat luxury movie theatre and hundreds of new apartments, so will its dining options. Yesterday, Canadian fast-casual chain Freshii announced that it would be importing itself to Texas to be a part of this rapidly changing neighborhood.

Announced via press release, Freshii will open a Victory Park location on Victory Park Lane, next door to the Jimmy John’s that’s long been one of the few dining options for people who work and live in the area. Perhaps more importantly, the arrival of Freshii means plenty of healthy, “environmentally sustainable” meals and snacks for residents that are tired of subsisting on sandwiches and gas station fare.

Freshii’s menu focuses on healthy fare served quickly. Bowls, salads, and wraps dominate the menu, all of which can be customized to suit a diner’s dietary preferences. Soups, smoothies, freshly-pressed juices, and frozen yogurt will also be on offer, in addition to breakfast options.

Freshii joins a number of concepts new to Victory Park, including the now-open Cafe Victoria, which serves up coffee and pastries. BuzzBrews Kitchen will also open a new location in the area this spring. The new restaurants will join Victory Park stalwarts like Buda Juice, Olivella’s, and Kenichi.

An official opening date for Freshii has not yet been announced, but management expects that it will open its doors by the end of this summer.