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Skewers Shop Brings Skewered Meats & Sake To Addison This Saturday

Prepare yourself for sake-glazed pork belly on a stick.

A swanky spot to enjoy skewered meats.
A swanky spot to enjoy skewered meats.
Skewers Shop/Facebook
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Dallas’ affinity for meats of all kinds notwithstanding, everyone loves delicious food on a stick. Yakitori isn’t exactly a common offering in Dallas, but Skewers Shop will begin grilling up their unique take on the Japanese classic in Addison today – at least partially.

A massive sign taped to Skewers Shop’s front window announces that the restaurant will host a "soft opening" on Wednesday, January 6, but provides no further details. A call to the restaurant confirms that Skewer Shop will offer a limited food and drink menu from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. Wednesday through Friday to train staff and introduce the neighborhood to their take on yakitori-style skewers before officially opening the doors.

CultureMap Dallas reported back in September that the restaurant would be opening in late October, but a November post on Skewers Shop’s Facebook page suggests that the concepts hit some snags along the road to opening. At the time the restaurant was announced, the owners "preferred to remain anonymous," and a source at the restaurant can confirm that is still the case.

Somewhat confusingly, a similarly-named concept called Skewers Kebab House also offers meats on sticks from a completely different part of the world just a stone's throw away on Midway Road in Addison.

If all goes according to plan this week, Skewers Shop’s grand opening is scheduled for Saturday. No word yet on when the concept’s mysterious owner will step out of the shadows and bathe in the glory of bringing Dallas some desperately-needed meats on sticks.

Skewers Shop is located at 15250 Dallas Parkway.