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Chef Tim Love Tackles Italian Cuisine At Fort Worth Pop-Up Ufficio

Love's flirtation with Italian food features six courses of Texas-inspired fare.

Tim Love's latest (temporary) concept takes on Italian cuisine
Tim Love's latest (temporary) concept takes on Italian cuisine
Tim Love
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Chef Tim Love has made a name for himself on the Texas culinary scene (and reality TV) with his unique approach to "urban western cuisine." Even though you’re much more likely to see rattlesnake and pig face on a Tim Love menu than fancy pasta, tackling Italian cuisine is up next on the ever-busy chef’s schedule.

Announced via press release yesterday, Love will host a four-night Italian pop-upcalled Ufficio, will showcase the Fort Worth-based chef’s "broad culinary range" via six appropriately named (think antipasti, crudo, primi) classic courses. The dinners will take place at Love’s Fort Worth test kitchen at 713 N. Main, and will be followed by three additional (as yet theme-less) pop-up concepts

Love teased the concept in December via Twitter, asking fans if they would be interested in an Italian pop-up at his downtown headquarters, and the response was a resounding "yes."

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Tim Love dinner without heaps of Texas influence, like his famous rattlesnake sausage adapted to be served alongside garganelli all’Amatriciana. Diners will also dive into a Texas-inspired misticanza (mixed green salad), roasted cauliflower with white truffle fondue, and escolar crudo served with margarita ice.

The idea likely springs from Love’s well-established interest in Italian cuisine. In a 2015 interview with Restaurant Hospitality, the chef said that if he had to swap places with one chef, it would totally be Mario Batali. He also told in 2014 that he frequently makes Italian food and fresh pasta at home, finding the process "therapeutic."

Ufficio adds to Love’s already-busy plate, which includes operating restaurants in Austin, Fort Worth, and , his co-hosting gig on CNBC’s Restaurant Startup, and being the official chef of the Austin City Limits music festival.

Ufficio will take reservations from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. January 26-30. Tickets go on sale at 9 a.m. today, and you’re going to want to snap up your reservation quickly. The $85-per-person price includes an introductory cocktail, 2 glasses of wine, and, of course, Montenegro amaro. Reserve your (nonrefundable) tickets by calling 817-624-9712.