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Feast Your Eyes On Americano’s Insanely Rich, Intricately Layered Deep Dish Pizza

You’re going to need a nap after this pie.

Half the joy of a good pizza is its process, and Americano nailed this sentiment with its Chicago-style deep dish pizza. The restaurant’s location in the scenic Joule Hotel makes each visit an experience in itself, but the decadent pizza shows off the culinary prowess of the top notch staff.

The multi-layered pie was the brainchild of pizza chef Jared Bassett, who dreamed up the recipe in R&D.

“Our executive chef, Junior Borges, actually does a good thing and does a tasting every once in awhile,” says Bassett. “One day, I'd been thinking about different types of pizza; I can make other types of food, but this is my station, so I gotta represent. I made a Chicago-style pizza, and the chefs loved it. It was incredibly rich.”

Rich may seem like an understatement once you actually dig into the pie. Hefty layers of meat, cheese and sauce give new dimensions to Americano’s Neapolitan dough. It's the perfect size for dining family style, or the ultimate challenge for serious pizza lovers.

Just be sure to go in with patience in mind, or an eye on the appetizers menu, as it takes a little more than an hour to cook from start to finish. But the craftsmanship of Americano’s deep dish just adds to the soul of the experience, making it a pizza for the books.

Eater photographer Kathy Tran captured the laborious process for your enjoyment.

The pan is greased with housemade guanciale oil to add flavor to the crust.

Neapolitan dough is hand-pressed twice to create a supportive enough crust for all of the ingredients, and to rise up to the sides of the pan.

A layer of calabrian chili sausage is prepped to match the diameter of the pizza, then cooked all the way through in order to cook out the grease.

Mozzarella and provolone form the base layer of the dough, followed by slices of pepperoni. The pepperoni is then covered by fontina cheese.

Next up is the sausage patty.

The pie then goes in the oven for a portion of its total cook time. Halfway through, a quarter to half-inch of pizza sauce is ladled on top.

The pie goes back into the oven for a total cook time of 35-45 minutes.

Fresh basil makes the final appearance before this beautiful behemoth is sliced to serve.


1530 Main Street, , TX 75201 (214) 261-4600 Visit Website
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