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Salsa Limon Is Literally Picking Up And Moving To A New Location

The Fort Worth restaurant is moving its building to the River District

Salsa Limon/Facebook
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Thanks to the nature of the business, restaurants moving to a new location isn’t altogether uncommon. What is rare, though, is a restaurant packing up its original building and heading for new digs.

KERA reports that Salsa Limon will (literally) pick up and move from its current location in Fort Worth’s West 7th District to new digs in the River District. Starting this week, crews dug tunnels under the building in order to construct a steel frame that would support the structure as it was lifted (thanks to hydraulic jacks) onto a flatbed truck for the big move.

The move is essential to the preservation of the building, which was leased by Salsa Limon co-founder Milo Ramirez more than a decade ago. Likely thanks to the growing popularity of the West 7th District, there were plans in the works to demolish the Salsa Limon building until Ramirez secured funding to move his business across town.

The move is expected to take place over the next few days, and the restaurant is on track to reopen sometime next month.